Let. It. Go bible study

This Sunday February 3 I am going to be starting yet another bible study in Melissa Taylor’s online bible studies (soon to be Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor). This will be my third full study as I started my first one late. And I have to say that these bible studies have changed my life. I have also had the pleasure and honor of being on the leadership team by leading a small Facebook group. The women who are involved in making these studies happen are absolutely AMAZING! I have learned so much from them that words are just not enough to describe the impact that these studies have had on me. While I am not where I want to be as a person, I am not who I used to be. By the grace of God and these studies, I am growing and learning. I still make mistakes (like all of us do) but I can take comfort in the FACT that I am a daughter of God who has forgiven me through His son Jesus Christ.

This study, we are reading a book called Let. It. Go by Karen Ehman. I am about 3/4 of the way through the book and let me just say one word: AMAZING! Every woman needs to read this book. There are so many nuggets of information to help us learn to let go, stop trying to control everything, and just trust God. At the end of the first chapter there is a little fun assessment to help you learn just how controlling you are. I was one point shy of being in the “control freak alert” category. This was a HUGE eye opener for me. I did not always used to be this way. But in the last few years I have become quite the control freak and manipulator. I admit this because when I write it down for others to read, it becomes real. I may be this way now but I can learn to change. This book is that kick in the pants I need to let go and let god!

So if you are a woman who likes to control (anything from husbands, to children, to time and schedules) then I highly recommend this study and this book! And you do not have to be a wife or a mother to get some great insights from this book. I am neither (yet). You can get tons of information that you can apply to any area of your life that you try to control. So won’t you join me in learning how to Let. It. Go?

If you would like to know more information visit http://www.melissataylor.org. You can also leave a comment below with any questions you have!

Love and blessings friends!



  1. I absolutely loved the warmth and honesty in this entry! I can’t wait for the study to begin this Sunday! I’ve already read the first chapter and completed the assessment (I alternate between being easygoing and wanting to take charge). I’m looking forward to you leading us through another awesome book! 😀

    • Thank you Bree!
      I wish I were more easy going but the honest truth is I am not! I cannot stand last minute plans because that means I am no longer in control. But through this study and help from God, I will learn how to let go and let God!

      Love and blessings!

  2. Loved it and I too am learning from your blogs etc. So proud to have you as my grand daughter! And so thankful too for helping to introduce you to chruch years ago and I will never forget the day you, Dixie and I were baptized! That was a new beginning to the life of following Jesus! With all that Angie, too, has given to you of the love of Christ…….you are now a “woman of God”! PTL for so many of HIS BLESSINGS ON US ALL! I LOVE YOU ANGIE BUT NOT AS MUCH AS HE DOES! Grandma D/
    ( even tho you didn’t always want to go with us to church)
    Ha….but it was a great start)

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