Isaiah 40:31-My hope and prayer

Man it has been a long time since I have blogged! But what better thing to do at 12:30 am when you can’t sleep!?

A few days ago I came across the same scripture within less than an hour: Isaiah 40:31. So naturally I figured God wanted to tell me something. So tonight I wrote it on a note card and did a little studying. Here is Isaiah 40:31 in the NIV version:

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

The first word I clung to was hope because, well, don’t we all need hope? Something to hold on to; to cling too? In my bible dictionary it says that hope is “confident expectancy.” It also says that this hope only comes from God. So when we put our hope in God, when we confidently expect Him to help us, He will give us the strength we need to get through. He will pick us up and carry us through the fire. I don’t know about you but I need this promise! I need to know that something other than my human strength will get me through because if I am totally honest I cannot do it by myself. I have tried. Over and over! My past haunts me almost daily. I cannot seem to let it go no matter how hard I try. People who hurt me and people I hurt. Friendships destroyed.  Mistakes I made. And the devil knows this and he uses it! BUT those who put their hope in God will get the strength they need. I am going to cling to this verse the next few months as I struggle and deal with a past that has haunted me for 5+ years. It is multiple different things and will be a difficult and painful process. But I know that God will help me. And I know He will heal me. Sometimes I think the hardest part is forgiving ourselves.

I know my grammar and punctuation isn’t the best so try and ignore it. I am not writing this to be grammatically correct. I am writing this to help myself deal with my issues. And in the hopes that maybe someone out their needed this message too. If you are struggling today, no matter what the issue, there is hope in God. He will rescue you, you just have to trust Him to do it. Stop trying to do it alone.

Oh Lord I pray that as I put my hope in You, that You will give me strength to go on that can only come from You. Jesus came to save the sick. He came to save messes like me. I pray that any one else out there who is struggling will learn to put their trust in You. I pray for every person who is a mess like me; that they will find Jesus. And that someday, we will all be healed from our heartache. In Jesus name, AMEN!!



  1. This is an awesome entry, Kristen! Interesting, like you, I’ve also encountered Isaiah 40:31 several times lately. Indeed, we all need hope.

    • Thanks so much! Funny thing: I saw it twice since writing that entry. The first time on a book mark right after writing this entry in a book I hadn’t read in a month and then this morning while flipping to ABC family and it was the scripture at the end of the 700 club show. God is really speaking to me with it! He is good β™₯

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