Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore bible study

Starting next week, a group of friends and I are going to be reading through Beth Moore’s Get Out of that Pit together. We will be reading through one chapter per week and then discussing it together. I created a Facebook page called Friends, fellowship, and faith book/bible study group and I wouldΒ love if you would join me! It is going to beΒ very casual and laid back; nothing formal. Here is a link to that group:

I think all of us, at one point or another, have struggled with some kind of “pit.” Or even if we haven’t personally, we know someone who has. I think this book will be very helpful as I know I personally struggle sometimes. I wouldn’t say that I get depressed but I do get down in the dumps so to speak. My problem is that I have trouble getting myself out and back up again. I would just rather stay in my “pit.” I love Beth Moore and I am very excited to see where this book and study will take me. My prayer for each lady is that it will help us to get out of our pits but that it will also bring us closer to the only One who can truly help us.


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