Books of January

I cannot believe another year has come and gone! Holy cow….where did the time do? It has been awhile since I have written a blog but I am really going to try and start writing once a week.

So my first post of 2015 will be about my favorite thing: books! In 2014, i read 102 books i think. I read some really good ones. If yoy interested in what i read last year, here is a link to my goodreads page:

I have a long list of books I would like to read this month so I doubt I will name them all. But I will name some to get started 🙂

On my kindle I am starting off with Duchess by Susan May Warren. I heard this book is really good and I am excited to start it.

For fiction (physical books) I plan to read Miracle in a dry season by Sarah Loudin Thomas, Danger in the Shadows by dee henderson, and Where do I go? By Neta Jackson.

For non fiction (physical books) I want to read Your life still counts by Tracie miles and The Women of duck commander. Those are  just to get started.

A few of the books/bible studies I will be reading and/or starting in January are: Keep it shut by Karen Ehman, inseparable by Ashley Linne, and What is love by Kelly Minter.

So what is on your to read list in January? I am always game for new ideas and suggestions so please share! Blessings friends!


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